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Brettany Sorokowsky

Business Consultant

What is a personal brand? Why do I need one?

Don't worry - I also had the exact same question in 2019

What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is your reputation. And your reputation in perpetuity is the foundation of your career.

Simply put it is how others perceive you.

Why is a personal brand important?

Unless people know you personally, what people think, feel and, in turn, say about you is based on what they find online. And employers are looking.

Prospects are looking.

How do I develop a personal brand?

Gone are the days of online personas (if you have one and it is working for you - keep doing what is working). You need to be your authentic self and sometimes that is the hardest thing to be online.

One of my new favorite quotes I heard recently is that it is really hard to read the label on the bottle from the inside. We help you read the label and then share your light with the world - or just the people that you want to share it with ;) your the architect and we are here to help you create the desired result.

Are you struggling with knowing how to be authentically you?

Know that you are not alone, like you I also have these experiences in my repertoire and am grateful for the lessons learned from the struggle...

  • Everyone has "one thing" - that doesn't mean their thing will work for me...

  • Your take-home pay is less than you would be willing to admit to your old boss

  • 40-hour weeks; I wish I was only working 40-hour weeks.

  • The phone has become your Achilles' heal

  • Considering going back to a 9-5 or staying forever at your 9-5 because the "side hustle" ain't hustling

  • You know you have a purpose, a feeling of significance, and no idea how to get it out

  • Great at fulfillment - suck at getting paying clients to have something to fulfill on

Then it is Time to Chat with Brettany

Let's deep dive into where you are now, where you want to go and how to get there with the

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About US

Helping owners build businesses that work since 2019.

Hi! I am Brettany. Let's get to know each other for a moment. I am an award-winning business owner, branding expert, founder and CEO of The Maven's Way, and creator of the Brand Lab - The no B.S Formula to grow profit by simply being you and allowing yourself to shine bright.

We’ve helped hundreds of humans create a brand that works.

Profit + Product + People = Impact

Proven systems.

A personal mentor.

The mind does not feed off of being told what to do; rather the mind feeds off of considering what others are doing. We need one an other as humans to grow and transform our environments.

What Does A Business Consultant Do?

What Can A Business Consultant Help With?

Build the right brand working the right way

Want a self-sufficient brand—and a life you love?

You are the architect of your life, let's help you get to a place where you experience joy, love and peace on the daily!


The 3 M's to Personal Branding.

Whether you are a large corporation or an entrepreneur who is thinking about working on building a brand, there are lessons to be learned.


What type of brand archetype are you?

There are 8 primary brand archetypes, discover which one you are today with The Brand Archetype.

Solve your brand frustrations.

STOP! No longer are the days of having to dance your way to influencer status.

Is A Small Business Coach Different?

All coaches are different. As much as we want to work with humans we need to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

What Can A Brand Coach Help With?

When the customer understands what you are communicating with them you build the bridge to a relationship with clarity. When there is clarity there is profit.

Build the right brand working the right way

Build a brand that you like, that you can be consistent with and that is within your lifestyle boundaries. Burnout doesn't need to be your reality.

What Does A Brand Coach Do?

We work with you to establish and execute a strategy to communicate what problem you solve, who you solve the problem for, and how you can help.

Request a free brand assessment.

Take the first step today.

Let's work together to define where you are today so that you can achieve your tomorrow.

It is hard to know where to go if we don't know where you are starting.

I walked away with clarity. Knowing what my next steps are and how to create a strategy to build a life that I love.


Patrick London

Business owner

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Brettany's goal is to be able to meet you where you are at.

We have resources that range from free - $197.

We have courses that range from $47 - $9997.

We have consulting that range from $497 - custom pricing

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